The Fully Unleashed Feminine

A six week digital programme for women.

For women seeking to unlock their true power


November 6th - December 11th 2019



I’m Olivia and I’m so excited to share how I’ve learned to live my life FULLY UNLEASHED!


What is the Fully Unleashed Feminine?


UNLEASHED is a coaching programme for women seeking to unlock their true power.  A woman who leads a desire-informed life knows her worth, her power and her truth. She becomes fully unleashed.

This course is for the woman ready to unleash her feminine power.  It is for the woman ready to access her heart and the full spectrum of her emotions. It is for the woman who is ready to give herself permission to be who she really is.

 You will be held in a safe container, while we discover which beliefs and ways of being are serving you and how to let go of the ones that are not. We all have behaviors and beliefs that limit our growth. The course is designed to show you the potential for your life through the lens of your desire and your power, and create the opportunity for you to have more than you ever thought possible.


When you dig deep to explore what it is you truly want, it becomes yours.

- Olivia Owen


Who Are You?

• You are a mastress of self-sufficiency, yet you are yearning to let others in.

• You find yourself blocked when it comes to your desire in your romantic partnerships and sex life.

• You have learnt to withhold your love and hide your appetite.

• You’ve kept yourself small and digestible in one or all areas of your life.

• You are done playing by society’s rules in dating, career and how to be a good woman.

• You are a woman who is ready to left herself be seen, but needs support in opening up.

• You are ready to unleash your feminine power.


”I would say that the investment in yourself is one that reaps a return that is immense. If you really commit to the doing the work, it can be a powerful and accelerated mode to access self-discovery, witness a powerful group in their own growth.

We invest in all these other areas, but rarely seek guidance to take us inward and explore our stories, beliefs and the pillars that help us show up in this world. Having a guide, and a group, to venture there safely is inevitably transformative.” - Lilly C.



I was Ready too. Here’s My Story:

Photo By Marlena Chmal

I live my life from a place of depth, intimacy and connection, but I was not always this way.  I spent most of my life locked in what I like to call “Golden Handcuffs”. To the outside observer, my life looked amazing. I was a jet-setting powerhouse with style to boot!  Yet on the inside, I felt deflated and dry as hell.

The truth? I was chasing achievement and success based on what other people wanted. I was moving fast, building an organisation, and travelling around the world. I didn’t need anyone or anything.  In relationships I didn’t know how to admit what I really wanted. I either ran away or I waited for the guy to choose me first. I held myself above everyone, which gave me a false-sense of security. It worked...until it didn’t. I realized I was craving the real juice of life: depth, zest, rich intimacy, and true connection.

Then I was introduced to Desire.  When I first understood the nature of desire - a force that lives within us and is big enough to drive forward unbelievable change - it shook my world to its core.  It happened at a Desire workshop in London. At the time I was suffering from a harsh rejection and beating myself up for it. I had allowed my own intense feelings for the person I was seeing to go unexpressed. I had silenced myself.  I spent my time painfully waiting for him to dictate the nature of our relationship. I was afraid that my real, raw feelings were too much. Somewhere inside, I believed I was too much.

Through the Desire workshop, I accepted the validity of my feelings.  I could want regardless of how the other person showed up. My desire was my power, and I had to believe I was worthy of the wanting.

I had to learn to trust my desire, which meant being bold enough to follow it. It took courage.

This didn’t happen overnight.  As I freed myself from the prison of “shoulds”, I started to say how I really felt and give myself things that I really wanted. Over time, I realised how powerful it is to truly let myself yearn.  I began to speak the vulnerable truths of my heart. I learned to be more truthful with my friends, to slow down sex when I wanted something different, to charge my worth with clients and, most recently, to commit to moving to a new country. Hello Portugal.
The leap of faith into trusting my desires has led me to explore some of the most beautiful landscapes of my soul.  I now know my true power as a woman comes from being unapologetic about who I am, what I want and why I’m here. In essence, I have learned to live fully unleashed: a life on my terms with all parts of me revealed.


I’m Down! What Next?


Choose which coaching style is best for you. Are you a sexy sisterhood kinda gal, or are you currently needing to gift yourself some focused one-on-one coaching?




A 6 week digital programme in an intimate group setting, using video conference, group chats an opportunity for two 1-2-1 sessions.




A series of one-on-one coaching with Olivia, dedicated to realizing the truth of your desires and becoming fully unleashed.