Rave Reviews

What people are saying about working with Olivia.


Sally Felton - Coaching Pyschologist

Fire Up Your Desire Workshop, Sydney

I had the privilege to participate in Liv’s workshop “Fire up your Desire” in Sydney recently ....and, WOW!!!!! I’m a coaching psychologist myself and have participated in many and various workshops in my time and I have to say this was up there with the Best! Through her own openness and vulnerability, Liv was able to create a beautiful safe space for the group (of 30 or so).  This safe, warm and comforting place allowed for the participants to really lean in and be vulnerable themselves.  It was here where some pretty cool stuff began to emerge.  Well down Liv, I’ll be back again... can’t wait in fact!

Sydney, Australia


Liz Major - Writer

Private Coaching

When I first came to the desire work, I had almost no concept of “wanting” anything- I didn’t even realise that it was something I could ask myself. From the moment we met, Liv could tell I was yearning to be asked. The whole journey of coaching was more than magical; it was a huge step toward getting to know myself and learning how to love myself.

This coaching is more than just tools and self-help practices, it is a practice in transformation and a reawakening of the deepest parts of ourselves that we have learned to oppress. It is about restructuring thoughts so that they open the mind toward receiving and it is about celebrating what makes us who we are.

Sydney, Australia


LIlly Callaghan - Director

Fully Unleashed - Digital Programme

I would say that the investment in yourself is one that reaps a return that is immense. If you really commit to the doing the work, it can be a powerful and accelerated mode to access self-discovery, witness a powerful group in their own growth (which feels amazing). We invest in all these other areas, but rarely seek guidance to take us inward and explore our stories, beliefs and the pillars that help us show up in this world. Having a guide, and a group, to venture there safely is inevitably transformative. The material and questions that we unpack in the group are tools you can always come back to and learn from. And so the programme has both immediate value, and continues to reverberate well past the programme closing.

New York City, USA


Nikki ClarkE - Education leader

Fire Up Your Desire Workshop, London.

I took my first Desire Coaching workshop with Olivia in January and it totally blew me away. I had no idea what to expect from the day, and had never done anything like that before. Olivia was so open and honest about her own experiences, setting up a warm and open space for everyone to share. The rest of the group were great everyone was so engaged and friendly. When I went in I feel I had some idea of what my desires were, but the workshop helped me dig deeper and really understand what was getting in my way. I have felt such a shift in my relationship with myself, with others and even started a totally new career path since then- just 3 months ago! I now feel more comfortable in recognising and owning what it is that I truly want, and have no problem asking for it. Thank you! 



Relationship Coaching

We have been truly grateful to work with Olivia as she has supported us in asking the deeper questions in advance of our marriage and while building a company together! She has supercharged our communication and toolboxes to navigate and show up as our best selves in both. She is an incredibly talented coach and we’ve had a lot of fun working with her.

New York City, USA


Leigh Ware - Ceo

Fully Unleashed - Digital Programme

Olivia is amazing at guiding people through breakthroughs - I love how she got me to dig deeper and really *feel* the change that was happening for me. The way she encouraged me to think about the spaces in my life where I wasn’t asking for what I needed...that really encouraged me to be more honest in my relationships.

Take the leap - commit to changing your life. You don’t have to do it alone, you can do it with support and community too! Coaching and programs have been the best investment in my life.

Los Angeles, USA