The Pulse of the Erotic


I feel it prickling my skin when I eat, throbbing when I’m in service to other women and tingling my insides when I touch myself.

My eroticism is my super power, my life force and it’s what makes me human.

I have noticed that many people mistake the embodiment of my eroticism as something that is dangerous and uncomfortable.

If that’s you, you are projecting your own repression of your own eroticism.

A woman suppressing her sexuality cuts herself off from her power and her life force.

A common mistake is to think that an embodied sexual woman is disconnected from herself because society has that message.

I am connected to my life force and you take that to mean something different than it is.

Your mind goes to “she must have lots of sex” or she “wow, she wears sexy revealing clothes” — this is what you reflect back to me.

You’re missing the full spectrum of my humanness.

When the erotic is awake inside me... I am available to FEEL, my desire is guiding, I am CLEAR on who’s allowed into my intimate + emotional space.

Most importantly I am DEEPLY connected to what feels deeply true and right for ME. In almost every moment.

There is a level of freedom here that is threatening and I am here for it. In me, in you and to all of you that are ready.