Culturally sex obsessed

SEX. I want to talk about. It is part of our identity, it is immeshed in our culture, and yet for so many people, most of my clients and my own previous experience...Sex has been unsatisfactory, hidden or shame-filled.

For women, sex can feel like we have to accept what’s on the menu, and not ask for more in the fear of being labelled “too much” or we are suffocated by fitting in a box of a “good woman, wife, mother, professional businesswoman”.

Why is it that if we are having “orgasmic” and connected sex we are the lucky ones? What if that could be the standard for everyone?

We’re culturally sex obsessed and missing the spot of true, raw and real connection based on true desire.

For men, they tell me they feel like they have to know all the tricks, lead, know how to pleasure a woman without any direction and be the best lover every single time. They want guidance and are craving real, vulnerable intimacy.

In my own journey as a woman I spent a long time putting the responsibility of my sexual desire in the hands of my partner. I gave all my power away and then blamed my partners when it wasn’t right. I also turned my Sex off to be a digestible business woman.

Through coaching, training and some real, tried and tested lived experience, I have learnt now to own the weight of my own sexual desire and guide my partners in how to give me exactly what I want and be a rocking boss with a vibrant sex life.

Woman want power and freedom to let our appetite for sex be truly expressed.

I believe that as humans we are wired for real connection. Sex is creative energy, and a potent one at that. When my sex is ON, everything else flows. As a coach, this is one of my areas of expertise and if you are stuck, I can support you in finding your own freedom in this place through desire-based Life Coaching.

I am offering complimentary 45 minute Desire Exploratory session for both men, women and couples. I have 5 on offer. PM to apply and we can see if it could be a right fit for what you’re looking for.

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