Your Desire. Your Responsibility.



When I first came up with the language of #fullyunleashed, the vision I had in my heart was of women reclaiming their softness.

I try to imagine where your mind goes when you hear the journey of the The Fully Unleashed Feminine.

I make up that some of you might read it as an intensity that you are not ready for. I want to offer a fresh perspective.

I believe many of you have learned to put a hard case around your heart, you are desensitised from your precious
emotions, you have sanitised your voice and silenced your desires.

We live in a fast, goal-orientated culture in both life and relationships and it doesn’t work for many women - you want MORE nuance, intensity AND a SLOWER pace.

You want the people in your life to pay attention to the beauty that sits before them. You want those that interact with you to take their sweet time remembering that the Fully Unleashed woman is not in a rush.

Instead, you live lost hoping for an invitation to return home.

You’ve started to believe that the key exists outside of you - in a man, job, financial status, ideal weight or physical beauty. If you keep it together for long enough, you may get “lucky” for the big break, the perfect man and the life of your dreamz.

That expectation leaves you passive, unaroused, dry, depressed and small and often, your greatest asset, your heart, remains closed.

You demand to be saved versus command to be seen.

Sister, let me remind you that the world won the day you were born and it is you that needs to re-remember that.

You are the creator of the quality that you want.

Your precious energy, when attended to beautifully, is an infinite resource that energises everyone around you. I invite you to learn how to attend to your own energy well first rather then give the responsibility over to anyone else.

This means YOU take care of you first. That’s right, babe.

Your needs. Your desires. Your vision. Your orgasm. Your priority.

Fully Unleashed is a journey of slowing life down. It’s going back and feeling the tenderness of the past that wants to be acknowledged and integrated into your present.

This opportunity here is to give yourself the luxury to enquire, go within and decide does the life I have chosen today match the brilliance of my being. If not, am I willing to sit in the inconvenience of change.

Am I willing to learn radical self-responsibility and being in sacred service to loving myself first?

Am I willing to remember that my PRESENCE is a gift to those I love?

Yes YOU, without having to do anything, or look a certain way. Simply by being YOU, you bring a unique energy to those that have the privilege of interacting with you.

The amount of you that are astounded when I remind you of that simple fact.

I use the example of being taken out to dinner and thinking you need to perform “the good, not too available guarded women script” to deserve to be there or to manipulate someone into wanting you.

Not realising that your love, care, vulnerability, presence and ability to receive the moment is an unbelievable gift.

You are so focused on making yourself “desirable” that you miss revealing the most desirable parts of you.

The Fully Unleashed in all of us is connected to her wildness, her intuition, her soceress, her innocence, her unique tender heart, her darkness and her s*x.

She’s messy, she can RAGE with love, she will call out the bullshit with her fierce, LOVING, sword and she will stoke the brilliance of the world around her, simply by her willingness to be her.

She is you.