I get to be this hot.

I get to be this at home in my body.

I get to create safety in body even when I don’t feel safe.

I get to be this free with my sexuality and desire that it burns through any fear I have of being too much.

I get to be this loving to anyone that enters into my sacred intimate space.

I get to honour their heart and their desires deeply and let them enrapture me with their devotion.

I get to be encouraged, cherished and celebrated.

I get to express my no clearly.

I get to change my mind.

I get to always return home to my yes.

I get to honour my bodies desire for rest, softness and to be small.

I get to be this big in the presence of other women.

I get to let things die when they are done.

I get to never hold back the brilliance I see with the people I love.

I get to feel my value and the way I touch people’s lives on a daily basis.

I get to find my own definition of what it means to be free and allow others in my presence to find theirs.

I get to be me.

Live from the S*X, Soul and Sovereignty retreat in Florence, Italy and in honour of my Fully Unleashed Women - this is Radical Self Devotion.