Be Willing to Wildly Disappoint the People You Love

“Like a tree planted by a river, I shall not be moved.”
— Maya Angelou

One of the biggest growth shifts I see in people is when you become willing to disappoint others.

Friends, family and partners have told me [OFTEN] that I trigger them with my posts.

If I ever start making that a problem, I ask for a dose of reality from those I trust and remember that I am here to serve the ones that are ready for it.

I am not here to diminish my voice to fulfil someone else’s expectations of me.

Not everyone is going to like you in your full expression of yourself.

You are going to ruffle feathers.

You are going to invite others to think differently about themselves.

Your presence alone is going to awaken parts of people that they might not be ready to attend to.

Rather than create a problem out of that, how about you learn to be ok with it.

The energy wasted on worrying about pleasing others, or being more digestible for your family or keeping your partner happen does a huge disservice to you and your gift.

If you can feel your light turned off and your energy being zapped, check in and ask yourself when you started living life pleasing others over pleasing yourself.