November 6th - December 11th



FULLY UNLEASHED is a coaching programme for women seeking to unlock their true power.  A woman who leads a desire-informed life knows her worth, her power and her truth. She becomes fully unleashed.

This course is for the woman ready to unleash her feminine power.  It is for the woman ready to access her heart and the full spectrum of her emotions. It is for the woman who is ready to give herself permission to be who she really is.

 You will be held in a safe container, while we discover which beliefs and ways of being are serving you and how to let go of the ones that are not. We all have behaviors and beliefs that limit our growth. The course is designed to show you the potential for your life through the lens of your desire and your power, and create the opportunity for you to have more than you ever thought possible.

If you’re ready to see some great shifts in your relationships with yourself and everyone around you then this is the course for you.
— Gemma A.



£797 group programme with THREE 1-2-1 coaching sessions if paid in full.

Payment plan available on request



Introducing the lifeblood, your Desire - identifying and understanding your true heart’s desires. We will be learning the philosophy of desire as your guiding compass and how to put you, and your pleasure at the centre of your life.

Release the past and approve of all parts of you -  learning to alchemize pain into wisdom. We will look at your fears and any spots of shame and guilt associated with being a fully unleashed woman.

Relationships on your terms - understanding your past behaviours and patterns in relationships. We will learn about boundaries, how to honour your no and how to embrace a new way of creating intimate relationships based on your true desire.

Feminine power through communication and vulnerability - learning to prioritise the real you and let others in to see you. We will learn how to honour your heart in your communication and build rich connections with the people you love by embracing uncomfortable conversations.

Unlock your power through your appetite - learning to love and approve of the depth of your appetite. We will be practicing how to have more of what you want by getting intimate with your power centre - your appetite.

Unleash all parts of you -  learning the art of living fully unleashed. We will be learning how to integrate all the learnings and expansion, giving you the tools to continue living your life unleashed.

The Fully Unleashed Feminine is a 6 week virtual course

LIVE Group Coaching Calls:

The next round begins Mid-September 2019.

This course is open for 8 Women.


Weekly 90 minute Live & Recorded calls via ZOOM video conferencing.

  • You will receive direct coaching from Olivia, be guided through weekly teachings and facilitated group sharing in a small group setting.

Weekly Homework assignments to integrate the content of the course

  • You will be encouraged to create time for self-study and practice during the course with bespoke and group assignments.

Daily coaching via a Whatsapp Group

  • You will have access to Olivia and the group via Whatsapp. You will be able to share your progress and support each other along your journey. There will be prompts to support your growth inside the group and it will be a hotbed of sisterhood and connection.

Three 30 Minute Coaching Sessions with Olivia at the beginning and end of the course

  • You will start your journey with a 1-2-1 session and complete the course with a session. This will enable you to set your intention and plan your integration.


The Next Unleashed is
November 6th - December 11th

Interested in enrolling to FULLY UNLEASHED?

Send an email to to set up a call with Olivia directly.