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Fire Up Your Desire: Paris Edition

The Fire Up Your Desire workshop is designed for you to get clear on exactly what it is that you want for your life.

Start your year off with a different kind of vision, one that lights you soul on fire and creates space in your life to live out your deepest Desires for your Work, Relationships and Self.

The New Year is a brilliant time to come together and gather energy to visualise what you want more of and what is stopping you from having it. I trust that we are relatively skilled in creating New Year resolutions and long lists of Goals for your new year.

The Fire Up Your Desire workshop will support you to go deeper than you may ever have gone before. You will learn to strip back to the core of who you really are and get clearer on what you actually want for 2019.

Are you ready to be honest with yourself and what you want more of? Are you ready to look at your patterns that create the same relationship patterns with your work, intimate life or self?

What will you learn in this workshop?

  • The fundamentals of living your life guided by your Desire (a force bigger than you).

  • A powerful visualisation exercise to create a vision for yourself and an opportunity to create a juicy, honest list of what you really want

  • A new technique to use the truth of your Desire as a mechanism to communicate your feelings in a way people can hear them. 

  • How to build your muscle of ‘self-worth’, discovering that you are worthy of the opportunities, intimacy and relationships that you want. 

  • Work with what is blocking you and learn to work with your fears.

  • Understand the dynamics between the masculine and the feminine, how they play out in relationships and discover a world where women can own their sexual desire and men can own their emotional and vulnerable language.